Following materials meanwhile belong to the established alloys in Additive Manufacturing. Therefore we name them “standard materials”. Those materials have extensively been analyzed and optimized and are now available for all current machine types.


We perform several quality inspections so that only inspected products leave or company.


  • Aluminum (LSM-i AlSi10Mg | LSM AlSi12)
  • Iron (LSM 316l | LSM Fe-4542 | LSM MS2)
  • Nickel (LSM Ni-625 | LSM Ni-718)
  • Cobalt (LSM CoCr | LSM CoCr+ | LSM CoCrC)
  • Copper (LSM Cu-VPH | LSM Brz10 | LSM Al-Brz)
  • Titanium (LSM Ti64 | LSM Ti64 ELI | LSM Ti2)
  • Tungsten (LSM APV3-3 | LSM sWCS)
  • Customised powders

If your desired alloy is not under the listed products we are asking you to simply contact us – we have already realized numerous special alloys and would also like to confidently assist you. Possibilities are manifold. Almost all alloys can be brought into powder shape by means of inert gas atomization. Moreover several possibilities arise from the various technologies of powder processing, what could be the still missing solution for requirements?