Material Development


The increasing application of Additive Manufacturing processes raises new demands on the applied materials. Whether customers want to apply materials they are already using in conventional production processes or a precise need exists to adjust specific properties. The versatility of Powder Metallurgy allows customized material concepts. However, not all alloys can be processed additively respectively limitations exist regarding the processability or powder atomization itself.


That you get most effectively to the target besides the plurality of influencing factors we want to offer our powder metallurgical know-how and would support you during your development projects.


We can support with:


  • formulation of alloy concepts,
  • sample atomization of the metallic powder,
  • parameter study for additive processing,
  • characterization of powder and
  • resulting material properties.


In order to always keep up-to-date with the state-of-the-art we cooperate with well-known institutes and universities. We assist public financed research projects and not least do our own research and development projects.